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IT Infrastructure / Support

In information technology and on the Internet, infrastructure is the physical hardware used to interconnect computers and users.

Infrastructure includes the transmission media, including telephone lines, cable television lines, and satellites and antennas, and also the routers, aggregators, repeaters, and other devices that control transmission paths.

Infrastructure also includes the software used to send, receive, and manage the signals that are transmitted such as email and mobile divices. In some usages, infrastructure refers to interconnecting hardware and software and not to computers and other devices that are interconnected. However, to some information technology users, infrastructure is viewed as everything that supports the flow and processing of information.Infrastructure companies play a significant part in evolving the Internet, both in terms of where the interrconnections are placed and made accessible and in terms of how much information can be carried how quickly.

Full Business IT Infrastructure Setup and Support, including, but not limited to:

- Physical Cabling for networking, phones, and security cameras
- Network Setup/Configuration, specializing in Cisco Hardware
- Server Based DVR Security camera systems - Linux/Windows
- VOIP PBX Phone System/Hosting - Asterisk/Trixbox
- MS Windows Networks, i.e. Server 2003-2008, XP, Vista, & 2007
- Exchange/Email Setup/Configuration/Maintenance
- Blackberry Enterprise Express 5.0
- MS SharePoint
- Vmware Virtualzation
- Citrix XenApp
- SAN for Small Business
- General Software/Hardware Support